Broadway Market



BROADWAY MARKET (1936) LTD are proud to announce exciting new plans to extend Broadway Market in Tooting High Street UPWARDS to create a whole new range of Market Units combined with three floors over the western arm of the existing Market offering office/workshop spaces, a children’s indoor play area, and a multi-use performance space designed for the local community to encourage the Arts, Music, fitness and Dance.

Spokesperson Colin Marner said, ‘This is an exciting project aimed to assist in the regeneration of the local area where sadly, a number of trades and businesses have failed to survive not only the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic but the marked decline in retail sales. Our plan is to offer a destination venue where families and individuals can shop, have a meal or snack, have a cup of tea, all in a safe and attractive environment. Many new jobs will be created’.
The ground floor of Broadway Market will remain mostly the same and continue with its varied and popular retail and street food venues A specialist construction method will be employed to minimise the disturbance to Broadway Market traders and shoppers .

Once the new first-floor deck is completed all the construction work will continue above it to create the new areas on the upper floors. We invite you to look at our proposals in more detail online at and there will also be a display board at the Market for your comments and suggestions, all will be gratefully received.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for any additional uses of these spaces we would love to hear from you!

Proposals to extend broadway market are now out to Public Consultation From 22nd July - 5th August

T H E   P R O P O S A L S

• Three new Floors over the Western Arm of the Market

• Served by Lifts and New toilets

• A mix of food, clothing and cafes/restaurants

• New workshop/office space

• Childrens play

• Space for community and performing arts

The consultation will run from the 22nd July to the 5th August 2020.

If you wish to comment online e-mail For any more details please call Colin Marner on 07729150778 or email