Broadway Market


Shops & Stalls

Broadway market holds many different food stores.
Standard grocery stores with Caribbean and African influences sit side by side with butchers, fishmongers and fresh herb stores,

If you are looking for some new recipes or want to try a new style of cooking then Broadway Market is the place for you!

Ladies Pride Unit-97

Ital Vital Herbs Units(49-51)

Men Clothing Unit(107A-109)

Leather And Lace Unit-41

Mobile Shop Unit-22

Music Specialist Unit-31

Pet Shop Units(89-93)

Raj Fabrics Unit-27

Star Fabrics Units(105-107)

Sunshine Food Unit-13

Sunyani Market Units(18-20)

Time Specialist Units(71-73)

Vapour Zone Unit-19

White Fishries Unit-64

Jay's Mini Mart Unit-29

Filipino & Oriental Units(50-54)

Abaya Bazaar Unit-66

Beauty & Fragrances Unit-55A

Beddings & Clothing Units(59-61)

Butchers Units(28-30)

Divine Providence Unit-43

Fresh food & Veg Unit -79

Toys Gifts And Printing Shop Unit-103

Industry & miscellaneous

Near the main entrance to the market you can find an assortment of jewellery shops and tech stands selling chargers, phone cases, and IT equipment.

Further in you can find stores for fabrics and clothing, luggage, music and reccords, and even a pet shop.

Lara Jewellery Unit-15

Gadgets And Vape Units(B1-3)

Jewellery Units(41H-S)

Luggage & Bag Units(81-83)

The Pride Of Broadway Market

Here you can take a look at some of our longstanding partners, these shops have been with us for more than a decade, and don’t plan on going anywhere. find the unit number on our map section to locate one of these longstanding businesses.
Every month we will showcase one of these businesses here.

Music Specialists

Perfectly situated in Tooting Broadway Market, The Music Specialists is a music shop serving the community’s needs for decades. The shop claims the title of specialist in the field of Reggae, having dedicated years to expand the staffs knowledge and understanding of the genre.